Corporate and Business Travel

The Executive Corporate Traveller programme offers the perfect solution for the frequent corporate and business traveller.

We all know the hassle of planning business travel. Dozens of providers, services and prices to choose from. The actual planning of a trip (especially business travel) is, without doubt, one of the most tiring tasks and can be considered work on its own.

Those of us that do it once or twice a year for holiday can deal with it, the motivation of going away makes it easier; however, those of us frequently faced with this ordeal due to the nature of our business/career may sometimes have enough and simply book whatever, paying more in the end. For this reason we have created an Executive Corporate Traveller option.

A portfolio of the individual is put together in order to ensure only one “initial experience”, where the client is obliged to inform the service provider of all their preferences etc. Similar to a personal concierge, this ensures a smooth, flawless, professional and personalised service. The initial stage is simple and one time only and once complete the executive individual will be able to always enjoy a 100% hassle-free experience and have the piece of mind that everything is taken care of and they simply have to hit the road (or sky) to their destination.

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