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Why luxury getaways? When I used to live in France and taught English just off the ChampsÉlysées I often would come across an expression commonly used by my students: “changer d’avis”. They often used it when discussing retreats and their motives for this. My students would tell me that they would like to get away for a few days to simply escape and “change their opinion/ideas”. This didn’t make much sense to me at the time until after living there for a while I came to understand that in fact what they meant was a change of scene to refresh their mind and thinking, to enable them to get a fresh look on things. Similarly, there is a German expression called “Energie Tanken” which translates into pumping energy (from pumping gasoline into your car).

Regardless of where you are from, there comes a time when you simply would like to jet off to somewhere far away in order to simply get away from everything for a couple of days to relax, think (or quite oppositely clear your mind) and unwind. Escapar is a kind of quick fix – a special experience usually lasting 4 nights which offers you exactly that: a sweet escape or luxury retreat to simply get away, unwind, clear your mind and relax (kind of like a guilty pleasure without being away too long).

Designed with utmost luxury and relaxation in mind, these mini breaks will take you far away to a luxurious retreat. Properties selected include only the crème de la crème, the finest of the finest: from a Leading Hotel of the World to a Small Luxury Hotel, Shangri La or Waldorf Astoria, and destinations selected are exotic, glamorous and offer anything you could possibly think of. So regardless of what your idea of Therapy is to unwind – whether it be relaxing on the poolside surrounded by a beautiful environment, a relaxing day of exotic scents and senses at the Spa, a day on the green, the fresh breeze of the Sea or shopping in the most amazing boutiques imaginable; we got you covered.

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Just a couple of exotic and extravagant examples below… please visit for our latest offers or contact us to have your own tailored experience put together exclusively for you!

Thorya Escapar - DXB Zabeel Saray Flash Sale JanFeb xUK GLA 29 Jul Thorya Escapar - DXB Zabeel Saray Flash Sale xUK GLA 29 Jul

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