Experience.Explore: The foundation of Thorya Travel Consultancy is to experience and explore with the highest levels of standards.

Our diverse world offers so many amazing experiences. Things like standing on the highest peak in the Himalayas, surrounded by nature, mist, the elements… I’m talking about things that truly make us feel alive. Each of us has different things that inspire us, personally I love to experience new things. I love to explore. I love to learn and I love to taste. These are the things that this section and services are all about. They offer things Thorya Travel Consultancy specialises in, in order to offer you an inspiring, enriching, authentic and memorable experience.


Experience Bhutan, be inspired. – There’s no denying the feel of the spiritual countries in South East Asia but no words can truly describe it, you have to experience it to truly understand it. The great advantage of Bhutan is it is not yet touristy. Unlike many other destinations in South East Asia Bhutanese people are not taken away by tourism as this is controlled by the government’s active attempts to practise and encourage sustainable tourism by limitation.

Trekking, Camping, Hiking in Nepal. – Visit the base of Mt. Everest for an exciting experience surrounded by nature in the Himalayas. Nepal is the ideal location for you nature lovers.

Arabia – The Middle East, while different than the other destinations in this section as it is considered more on the Luxury side of things – still, it is an experience unlike your every day one. Experience and explore the dessert, whether it be on the back of a Camel or in a 4WD off-road experience in the dunes, give Falconry a try or simply enjoy the culture and ambiance this interesting destination has to offer by exploring and getting to know the area, try the different tastes of the cuisine and visit the dynamic markets.

Cruises and Eastern & Oriental Express – We are proud to be able to offer you a selection of amazing cruises and Railway experiences throughout these areas to enable you to explore more than just one unique destination at a time… why choose between amazing destinations when you can do it all? Get in touch for more details about these Cruises and Rail Tours, such as which ports/locations are visited etc as a number of varieties to choose from are available.

  • Asia Cruise
  • Indian Ocean Cruise
  • Arabia Cruises
  • Eastern & Oriental Express
  • Combination of Cruise and Oriental Express

Asia Tours – These private tours are complete itineraries designed to satisfy your hunger for adventure and knowledge but also offer you the highest standard of comfort by keeping the accommodation in 4* and 5* category.

  • Sri Lanka – the pearl of the Indian Ocean
  • Taste of Bali
  • Vietnam – from North to South
  • Heritage of Cambodia
  • Angkor Civilizations

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