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Turnberry Golf Vacation

What is personal travel? This service is very simple. It is what you want without the hassle. Simple.

It is for the high-profile individuals (also known as a discerning traveller) that would like to experience the standards and service a general, generic package can not provide.

This service is also for couples or several people traveling together, each an individual with their own set of preferences. Each member of the party is taken into account to ensure an experience everyone is happy with to ensure a more memorable experience together.

It is also for the individual that knows what they want or already has their set preferences but does not have the time or feels like going through the ordeal of researching all the options to put what they want together because let’s face it: in this day and age there are so many service providers, websites, suppliers, selections and prices that doing the research alone is work itself.

It can also be based on personal interest. For example, an individual with a specific interest that would like to have an experience tailored to include or be based on this. Golf or Polo experiences, for example.

Finally, it is for the person that simply doesn’t do or enjoy the typical mainstream type of holiday. They prefer to get the most of their experience, explore, travel and actually live and breathe the destination which is what Thorya Travel Consultancy is all about!

Thorya Travel Consultancy. The world is ours to explore.

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