Gift Ideas – For something unique

Different countries celebrate different traditions, but whether you believe in Santa or Christkind it’s the season to be jolly!

Victorian ChristmasThat being said it also is the season of giving and with thousands of things to choose from. Are you still looking for something extra special to give a loved one? Looking for gift ideas that are a bit different?  Well, what better thing to give than the gift of a dream, the gift of a memory, the gift of a bespoke travel experience?

We all have places we dream of going but seem to keep putting it off due to other commitments, every day life, something else that comes up or the fact that we just don’t have the time to put it together. So why not give them that first step, something that will enable it without getting in the way of their busy schedule?

Thorya Travel Consultancy is proud to offer the opportunity to purchase monetary or service fee gift certificate which can be used towards the bespoke travel experience of a lifetime.

Available in either monetary $, €, or £ to be used towards their experience or as the service fee meaning the individual travelling would only have to settle the actual trip once it has all been planned and put together for them.

TThorya letterhese certificates can be sent in either digital form or a handcrafted certificate can be sent by mail, complete and sealed with wax by Thorya to be used towards any kind of bespoke trip. Whether it be a minibreak, honeymoon, sweet escape or first step to fulfilling a dream so there really is no excuse not to go to Paris, Vienna, Canada or any other place they have always dreamed of going. Because bespoke travel is tailored to the individual they are guaranteed to have their experience suited to their personal preferences and situation resulting in the perfect experience.

For ideas or examples of some bespoke experiences that can be put together please visit ~*The 25 days of Christmas*~ or feel free to view our special luxurybreak offers ready for purchase at

Inspired? get in touch now to get someone the gift of a lifetime!