The Vienna Opera Ball

Wiener Opernball

The Vienna Opera Ball is the highlight of every year in Austria. Each year Austrians wait in anticipation of who will be attending, what will they be wearing and who the mystery guest of the year will be. Images are transmitted globally as this event is aired live, newspapers are filled with rumours, gossip of who’s going to attend and what will they wear before and who came, what they wore and the highlights of the evening afterwards. This is the event to attend in the Austrian calendar, so if you would like to not only experience an authentic night in the life of Vienna but have the whole red carpet effect, this would be the choice.

Dates: The next Vienna Opera Balls will be held on February 4th 2016.

Dress Code: large, long evening gown for the Ladies, tuxedo with tail for the Gentlemen.

Tickets: Prices are €290 per person for entry and there are several options available after that (boxes, tables etc). Please note these prices are based on current rates and are subject to change.

Prices will vary according to time of booking, selection/location of hotel etc. and the sooner any arrangements are made, the better; especially if you would like to stay in the hotel of your choice. For additional information about the Wiener Opernball please refer to its journal entry.

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