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The internet is an amazing thing. With countless resources available at our fingertips we really are spoiled for options. That being said, the limitless possibilities can also become overwhelming and make the whole process of what should be fun into, what one can only describe as work. Things like the choice between a comfortable journey and most economical options can become frustrating, which is why TTC is pleased to be able to offer you this service. Customer satisfaction and personalized service is key in everything TTC does resulting in the best possible option for you personally.

Booking services:Booking solution The Concorde

While the Concorde may no longer be available, we certainly can offer the next best thing! Thorya Travel Consultancy is proud to offer the following booking services and solutions:

  • Commercial Flight bookings
  • Private Chartered Flights
  • Cruise reservations
  • Hotel & Accommodation reservations
  • Car Rental arrangements
  • International Railway Reservations
  • Activities while abroad
  • Concierge service while abroad including restaurant and ticket reservations

No hidden fees! Our complete transparency policy means you will receive all original receipts from the suppliers and websites used to make your travel arrangements. Travel a lot? Ask about our loyalty programme for rewards or Thorya Club Royale, our exclusive membership programme which is available on an annual basis for the complete package plus much more.

Thorya Travel Consultancy offers bespoke travel solutions, tailored to your personal needs:

    • Flight arrangements: Scheduled or Private Chartered
    • Transfers
    • Car Rental arrangements
    • Accommodation arrangements
    • Tickets to attractions and sights
    • Activities and Tours
    • Custom Itineraries
    • Restaurant and special event Reservations
    • Visa arrangements


Need some inspiration? A couple of suggestions to get a general idea of some of the travel solutions we can arrange:

  • Asia & Arabia Cruises
  • Eastern & Oriental Express
  • Trekking in Nepal
  • A road trip across the country of Bhutan
  • How about a Rail trip in India?
  • Experience Italy on a road trip in a Supercar
  • A night to remember in Vienna at the Wiener Opernball
  • Adventure Sailing
  • Be amazed at the natural phenomena of the northern lights

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