Travel Conditions

Travel Conditions


Each experience with Thorya Travel Consultancy is composed of a number of products and services from various suppliers. This includes but is not limited to the transportation, accommodation, catering, tour and holiday package provider to name a few. By accepting these services you are subject to the booking conditions of the provider and, where applicable are accepting a contract from that provider. This information is made available to you during the booking stages, can be referred to anytime via the service providers and is listed in your collection of final documents. Each provider is a professional service provider and guarantees their service on an individual basis, that is to say that Thorya Travel Consultancy acts as a middle man, which is responsible for the combination and arrangement of the different elements of your experience only and not for the actual services provided by the supplies themselves, who are directly responsible for this. That being said, Thorya Travel Consultancy thoroughly selects each provider according to their standards and level of service to ensure only the best so you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the best possible arrangements.


All personal information provided to Thorya Travel Consultancy including but not limited to passport information will be provided only to the relevant suppliers of your experience as required for the delivery and provision of your travel arrangements. This information therefore may be communicated to public authorities, such as customs or immigration as required by their law. This may also apply to sensitive information however all information is maintained on a confidential basis and only provided when absolutely necessary.

Travel Proposal and Travel Documents

After having discussed your travel desire an initial travel proposal is provided to you by Thorya Travel Consultancy. This acts as a starting point and initial offer for review and is subject to your approval or change based upon your feedback. Upon completion of this step it will become necessary to provide an initial payment and/or credit card details in order to make the necessary arrangements. The credit card details are used to guarantee the different elements of your experience, such as accommodation only and no charges will be applied unless stated otherwise. Invoices and receipts will be provided from all service providers in your personal TTC (Thorya Travel Consultancy) Travel Document, which will be provided in digital format in order to avoid unnecessary emissions such as ink, paper and energy (our promise to the environment).


Payment is required in order to make a reservation. The amount of the payment due is dependant on the different elements of your experience and in some instances only partial payment will be necessary to Thorya Travel Consultancy. The remaining balances may be settled to the service provider directly, for example the hotel may be settled upon departure depending on the nature of your experience package. In some instances direct prepayment may be necessary to a service provider based on the offer purchased, an example being flights and/or hotel accommodation/packaged special offers which are subject to prepayment. In these cases the full amount of the service will be included in the deposit and settled to the provider by Thorya Travel Consultancy on your behalf. An invoice for each service purchased on your behalf will be provided and included in your final digital TTC Travel Document package.

Payment must be made in the currency of the invoice and Thorya Travel Consultancy may not be held responsible for any charges applied by your bank service provider. Prices are quoted on live currency conversion rates. Please therefore note that the conversion rate may change depending on the duration of time that passes from the moment the proposal was made, accepted and payment was made and received. All payments will be taken in GBP£ and any conversion rates will be specified by your card provider and Thorya Travel Consultancy is therefore unable to guarantee the exact final amount taken from your card. In order to facilitate this and limit the number of foreign transactions on your card, Thorya Travel Consultancy is able to take payment in GBP£, EUR€ and CAD$ by bank transfer and then specify the exact amount required for payment in the specified currency by settling these amounts on your behalf.

Visa, Passport and Health Requirements

During the arrangement period of your experience, Thorya Travel Consultancy will provide you with all necessary information regarding visa and health requirements in order to visit your destination of choice. All passengers are required to have a valid Passport when travelling outside their Countries and an entry Visa for certain destinations, entrance into the destination may be declined upon failure of this. Health requirements can include, for example, vaccinations, which must be taken weeks prior to departure. Please therefore note that some trips to certain destinations will have to be arranged well in advance in order to make all necessary arrangements.

Travel Insurance

A travel insurance is mandatory and required for every experience. This is to guarantee the safety of those traveling, so that everybody can rest assured that there is nothing for anybody to worry about. TTC is able to help you make the arrangements or, if you prefer, you may wish to do so yourself. In this case you will be required take up a suitable travel insurance during the period of the arrangement of your experience and must be completed prior to finalization of this period, please note that you are otherwise travelling on your own risk and Thorya Travel Consultancy cannot accept responsibility for any losses, damages or undesirable events that may occur during your experience.

Cancellation and Amendments

Cancellation and Amendment requests must be made in writing (can be email) and will only take effect once received and acknowledged by Thorya Travel Consultancy. Please note that cancellation policies will vary depending on the service providers and cancellation and/or amendment charges will therefore be subject to the policy of the provider. Special offers subject to prepayment, such as those frequently offered by hotels will usually be on a non changeable/non refundable basis. This however may be dependant on the provider and where a refund will not be offered, a change of date may often be offered based on the goodwill of the service provider. Please however note that this is subject to the service provider and can therefore not be guaranteed by Thorya Travel Consultancy. Cancellation policies will be communicated to you by Thorya Travel Consultancy during the initial proposal stage and in the event of an amendment or cancellation all efforts will be made on your behalf toward the most favourable outcome in your interest.